Tech Support Scam - (855) 366-2200

Number: (855) 366-2200

This is a number we kept calling on my live stream yesterday, they kept conferencing us all together until they shut it down, but today its back up again.

Just what i needed.

I just called them and told the guy i got a popup saying i had a virus. They asked me how big it was and if I could measure it. Then he told me that he saw that I got a virus on the news. Kept him on the line for about 30 mins. after.

when i called them, i said i had a ransomware, they said they will get a real guy to help, after a minute or so he said all of them died by a nuclear bomb sent by donald trump.

hahaha this guys are hilarious they put me on hold and connected me with another scambaiter

Scambaiter VS scambaiter?

VM vs VM?

Fine, If i got connected to one, expect the pricing is free.

Then you know it’s me. (maybe)

got a pop up this morning. Microsoft tech support. I have been calling them all day. The number is 085-8883326

I’m in the Netherlands!