Tech Support Scam 18557586974


I've been messing with these guys for days now. I don't have the original source of the number, but if they ask you where you got the number, any old fake popup text will do("windows has been blocked", etc.)

I've been messing with these guys by using VoiceMeeter to play videos in FireRTC. They absolutely hate that Thomas The Tank Engine earrape video, so if you want to join me in that I have a tutorial [here](

Their second phone number is 18884956142. It connects to the same call centere I believe.

“Microsoft is also doing technical support and they charge for it so whats wrong with this”

If any of you get Ana, tell her Chris sent you :slight_smile:

@Milquetoast#56452 I called and she was just laughing hysterically and I hadn’t even said anything yet lol

I think I just became friends with someone that works there… he’s 26 and he told me he got a job at that company because he wanted to learn about computers? I don’t know. Anyways I connected him to my virtual machine and later on I admitted to him that the computer wasn’t real. All he did was open up the control panel and look at all my user accounts on the VM. So I decided to show him my YT channel/Discord server and I tell him all about it. He wants to become a programmer like me and he wants to possibly work together on stuff. It’s weird but yeah I guess he seemed okay-ish. And yes, he also admitted that he is currently in India. So later on we talked and he was very friendly to me and asked me to have a good night after we ended the call. I guess maybe he’s not really a scammer, he just wants to “learn about computers” and get paid for doing it. That’s my guess.

Ana isn’t there anymore, but I think they’re husband and wife

@Milquetoast#56441 “Harry” says to please stop calling!

Tell them Mike Hunt sends his regards., Mike Hunt, the legend.

I keep calling them and whenever I hear someone named anchel or something’s voice, i keep repeating “hi this is john” and he is sick and tired of it, so if you hear someone who says hi this is anchel, do that please