Tech Support Scam (1-877-223-4090)

Here’s what the website looked like: Imgur: The magic of the Internet

Their number is 1-877-223-4090. Call them and piss them off.



@ppqq1#11377 Dont be bumping posts, they will come around. Also, this number requires a five digit computer id.

@ppqq1#11373 why did you cover the id? It requires that in order to call these scammers.

If i might ask, what is even meant with ‘‘bumping posts’’

@scraps210#11381 Whoops! Sorry. I’ll post the ID once I find it again.

@8BitBaiter#11382 Bumping posts brings the post right back to the top of the forum.

@scraps210#11381 The website is down. Now it just redirects to YouTube. They found out pretty quick…

@ppqq1#11384 Ok, thanks.

@8BitBaiter#11391 Theres no need to bump here because every post at some point comes back to the front if one person comments on it.

@ppqq1#11383 Unlikely you’ll ever encounter the popup again :frowning:

lol as soon as i said “hi” they hung up the call

whats da code