Tech support scam +1-866-400-0051

Scam Number: +1-866-400-0051
Domain Used:
Extra Info:

This is live, got two lines together and they were really confused. You could hear the echo :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile:

I asked him if it was dark in Kolkata and he just kept going on about the pop up ?

Light this one up folks.

According to Microsoft Support " I am full of shit"

Join in folks, late here in Europe, time for a cold beer.

Called em for 45min
Talked to 3 guys and trolled them all lmao
earraped the last one
bastard was angry af
2nd guy was like, “Kevin left for the day cause his girl friend is sick and he is drunk and wants to fuck her…”

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Welcome :smiley:

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this is their latest popup
same number as before

Both websites ( & ( Have been taken down.

Latest popup at SecurityCenterCode0x268d3xdAPp0dError with the same number