Tech Support Scam +1-855-676-2448

Just rang these guys and they must be be super busy with all their scamming as I was told to ring back first thing in the morning.

Apparently they are support for all sorts of things in many locations (I.e., found them to apparently have office in Dublin Ireland but also doing support for Pakistan and other locations as well).

When I say support for all sorts of things (and without looking too hard) they are "helping" with Skype "issues": (note the awesome Skype logo copy!)

And also "experts" in HP to name but a couple:

Got through using tempmail for FireRTC account creation, US VPN connection, fake address generator (US phone number) on second attempt.

Don't know if I'm supplying the information as required by you head honchos but let me know and I'll do better next time.

Give 'em a go guys and gals - that dodgy Skype logo - lmao :)