Tech support scam +1-850-789-3135

Scam Number: +1-850-789-3135
Domain Used:
Extra Info:
Redirected from a search ad

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active now, they hung up after they asked for my DOB and i said 1/5/1991 (fake). prob think i was too young?

called back pretending to be older, different one answered, he had way less patience. didnt even try to work me anyway just told me to buy a gift card and tell him the numbers. he was very frustrated after i pushed back just a little and asked how it would help my computer. eventually he called me “fake” and then said “go fuck yourself youre wasting my time” where i proceeded to swear at him before he hung up.

seems like a pretty shitty scam center lol


Website taken down

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You can get their latest popup by visiting it always redirects to their latest popup

Their current popup is which has a different number

latest popup is at and it redirected from

Both websites mentioned aren’t responding to requests

These scammers recycle the same domains and take down older popups themselves to avoid getting reported as easily

Just rings as of now for a few seconds then call drops. At least that’s what I’m experiencing.

Yeah it’s just a never ending battle with these domains. Host providers need to start doing something. Literally just taking the HTML & JS of one of those popups then comparing it with other domains under their network should wipe out a fair amount of them.