Tech support robo call

855-794-2365. We received a robo call on our land line that there are problems with our computer. You know the story…

This idiot told me that my SQL server was the problem. I toyed with him for a good 15 minutes. He said he was in Bakersfield Ca! He said my firewall was off in my MAC!

Have fun with this scammer!


LOL called these guyz 13 times and recorded everythihng :3

These guys are way too funny, I just wasnt sure what i could bait them with, saying i have a windows virus=

The number now says Unavailable…



@8BitBaiter#11288 what a shame

i think we kill these scammer numbers too quickly lol

Yep…And it’s not actualy a bad thing.

1=800-975=9714 == walmart tech support scammer troll

Big scammer usa —canada—india

Amazon +1-833-655-9900

Gmail?Yahoo +1-800-252-0044

dropbox +1-8446660662