Tech support refund scammers

Received a call today about a refund for past services. The guy used team viewer to connect to my pc but he first had me remote to his and switch view. Tried to do some stuff on his computer but my connection was off my phone so it was too slow. Eventually he locked my computer and demanded I go to wal-mart to buy itunes cards to unlock it. I keep calling back and they are swearing at me in hindi. The number the “tech” gave me is 530-636-6034. Calling from 796-368-9688.

Did he syskey you?

Called with an Obama sound board. He got angry fast lol

Hah. @SuperLinkBro#6227

@FuelDaFlame#6225 Nope just changed the password of the admin account I was logged into. I already syskey’d it myself.