Tech Support Refund Scam - Fake Refund Page

Website URL:

Phishing Page:

I have received an email from a fake Geek Squad, that they are renewing my subscription and charging my card. To cancel I was asked to call a number.

When I called the number, they asked me to connect my computer to cancel the charge and asked me fill up the dummy refund form i.e.

After that, they asked me to open my bank account. Then they transferred money from my account.

I urge every one to report abuse and take them down.


They called me again…
This guys are persistent…

Found a link of other forum, where there is complain about the same URL

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Thanks Just Finished Studying Now…

Scambaiting/wasting Their time now :smiling_imp: :smiling_imp: :smiling_imp:

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i have searched the whole website and…
didnt find any number :frowning:

I have reported it to Cloudflare and Godaddy.
But I don’t think complain from 1 person will help. Need mass abuse to shut them down.

It was documented by a fellow scambaiter a year back. Here is the video

There is no number.

What i have experienced is, They send fake email and when you call them, they ask you to open this url to connect with your computer, then they open the fake refund form and ask to fill it up and then they proceed with the same old way to get into your bank account.

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So Go Daddy is just as bad as the criminals they take money from. I have reported several scam websites to them and it did no good. You may have better luck. Also welcome aboard!

Reporting to cloudflare may work

Address reported to Google as they are using Gmail.

These are also some kind of refund scammers there using text now heres there number 6465857712

This MF are still active :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

They didn’t even bother to edit the testimonials.

I just got a call from best buy refund scammers. the number they used was [REDACTED]

That number might have been spoofed. It went right to voicemail.
“Please leave your message for “Melissa””.

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Hey hey, thanks =]

I’m sure it was, i’m just sharing what i know.