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First tried teamviewer… Tried to download the official TV to switch sides and Syskey them but they had incompatible version. They installed LogMeInRescue and then after they were connected installed Ammyy Admin. Went right to systeminfo in my baited CMD. They saw it was a VM and immediately demanded multiple times for a credit card. They told me to hang up several times instead of hanging up themselves. Had an interesting chat with the guy afterwords saying my VM was flawless. Otherwise there was a lady guiding me through the process when she wasn’t even controlling my PC. They never diagnosed my problem. Don’t know much more.

Could you send me a link to their website?

So you can RAT them? @76561198092788864#7570

@FuelDaFlame#7586 It depends on how much info I get from the scammer, and if they are stupid enough to download my virus.

@FuelDaFlame#7586 No one can hack a computer if the owner of the computer din’t give them access to it. Hacking is just letting another person gain access without them actually knowing it.

That is not at all what hacking is. That is part of hacking but there is so much more.