Tech support customer (victim) call back numbers

Scammer’s Number: 844-915-0111, 833-265-2666,

These are older and they have me blocked on all my numbers but the robo message is the same, so they must still use these: 844-328-3777, 888-609-4777.

Domains Used: (or .com) (This one came down after I reported them to their payment gateway)

Extra Info:
They all go to the same call center. I think they might have one other call center. It did seem like it redirected somewhere else one time.

These are all call back numbers they give to their victims and are almost useless without a valid customer ID or phone number they have on file. One of the fools registered me and marked me down as having paid them last year after I baited him. Yes this has been going on that long. Now they call me back with spoofed numbers several times a day using an automated dialer. They give me toll free numbers when I ask for them. I found all these websites when they try and charge me money.

Please don’t ask for the customer ID. I think it’s been blacklisted because now they hangup and block my numbers. It only look them like eight months to figure it out. The only way I can still bait them, is when they call me. I give them a time reach me and they sometimes do call back when I’m ready with the VM.

I do however have some names and extensions.
David Dacosner.
Andrew Simon (344),
Liana (8022)
Abbey Summers.
Peter Williams(567)
Dawin Hopkins. He gave me a ‘Tech ID’ DH773922
They seem to be more creative with the names than most scammers, but no less stupid.
These scammers almost always use Anydesk, but have used Alphemix and Awesun before.

They will often go into internet options and set it up for a proxy sever and just put zero’s in the settings so the web browsers can’t connect to anything, they like to blacken the screen and set Windows to put in safe mode. Sometimes they ask to see your email or will try to change the Windows password.

Tell them that you got a call from them saying that your email was compromised and you were given these numbers. Anything to waste their time.


called and they said they were “support”

I am driving Mike Anderson insane by asking for Jennifer Green.

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I am continually loop calling this Toll free number using Skype and Macro recorder. It is the same male indian voice answering the phone. :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

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Seriously, what is their deal. They keep answering. He sounds like and absolute broken man. “Thank you for calling customer support. This is Mike Anderson, how can I help you?”.

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844-915-0111 number is not ringing out now. :rofl:

Lately I have been getting Alice. She does not know Mike Anderson. She also seems very sad. Probably getting a lot of calls.

Here is another one of their numbers. 833-556-7666. Ask for Max. I forgot to ask for an extension. They sometimes use these numbers for a several months before changing them. If they go down, they probably will go back online at some point.

phone 888-609-4777
Punjabi female scammer picked up the phone

Message stating no agent to take your call. We could blast their freephone number to use up their account credit.

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Here is yet another number for this call center. 855-676-0696.

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