Tech Support Cold Call

They’re at it again! This is the second call this week I’ve received on my landline.

When I answered, the machine stated that they had received notifications on their server about a virus in my computer. Gave me a call back number but I did not get enough to to write it down. Calling the number they called with can connect you with one of their "tech support specialists" though. Calling the number will have a machine speak to you initially that may say the number is disconnected or to hold.

Number: +1 (530) 212-4488

The number is dead or the company blocks skype numbers. (i have 3)

number is back up. do they have a popup link?

@iMoss#9346 I’m not sure if they have a pop or not. They called my house.

@ZiggyKhan#9356 I just got a recording of a woman saying “We do not make direct calls” lol. Im about to flood em xD