Tech Support Biggest Scam

Guys, they seem to be from a company called one support. I’ve been calling them for about 1 hour. Let’s keep calling them.

[Number removed]

i would be warned about this one, they have an A+ rating from the better business beaureau, and sure there’s negative remarks, but that goes with any company.

This is a legitimate company.

What’s your number TomTom? I would like to call you and see who hurt you??

That company is NOT a scam. It’s a legit 100% US based tech support company. Please stop reporting the company a scam company, this is not the first time someone has reported it as a scam when it’s not. They are based out of texas and are BB accredited. Scam companies cannot have accreditation and are usually not based in the United States. Additionally their pricing is pretty decent and their services are pretty good…

Not sure about the legitimacy. May be they are legitimate.

Few years back there was a company called iyogi and they had A+ rating from BBB. But look where they are standing now.

fuck it, we got bigger fish to fry


It's a legit company. I work for them. We are based out of the united states, company based in Texas. WE have a BB accreditation as well. It's irking the crap out of me that people keep reporting our company when we are here to actually HELP people against scammers.

“On April 19, 2018, the Washington Attorney General announced that a King County Superior Court entered $6.3 million in judgments against iYogi’s international parent company in India and its U.S. subsidiary.” As you can see iYogi’s was own by an India Company. People should really do their research. All records of any US based company can be found on public record. Do your research before ruining another company reputation that are really trying to battle scammers from India and helping people get their life back.

@Cat6Force#45294 Looks like you joined only to say this. Don’t worry nobody hurt me. I looked up on the internet about the microsoft support and got this number.