tech scammer


just listening to these guys talk is enough to know that they're scammers
get really aggressive.
they tell people to kill themselves whenever they answer.
the scammer is using his cell phone call him at night when he's trying to sleep

he told me its a restaurant im calling hahahah

@heinekenprince#8548 stop spamming.

@1337mathster#8558 that isn’t spam

@thunder#8560 He’s done it in multiple threads. I think warning him is justified.

It isn’t spam, it is spam when he starts making multiple posts that could be added onto the initial post. @1337mathster#8561 @thunder#8560

Each and every moderator is different. I only watch for multiple threads advertising the same numbers like scammers posts.

And on the lookout for (Parody gordan)

@1337mathster#8561 not spam.