Tech scammer claims his number has charges.(When it doesn't)

The Hoax Hotel put this number on twitter:
the number is:

but you can also try:

One agent is pretty smart and lies and says that his number has chargers to scare people off. I was using Firertc, but I was still unsure. But I read on Firertc's website that you can only call toll-free numbers. But to be sure, if anyone else could verify that'd be great.

If it is toll-free, the let's get these chutiyas!


This is a toll Free number. I called it with Google Hangouts.

Lets get them down!!

@zmbrfm#175 You can call US and Canadian non-toll free numbers for free using FireRTC as well.

@firertc#280 The number did not work on FireRTC

I just scambaited them for 35 minutes, LOL!