Tax Relief Scam

Scam Number: (539) 209-5048
Scammer’s Website or Email:
Additional information about this scam: I got a call from “Financial Relief Services” who was asking if I’d received any letters in the mail from the IRS regarding any unpaid debts. The first guy that Arnie spoke to was American, but I wasn’t able to get his name. The second guy was Mark from “suppoat” and it sounded like the call was going through to a different connection entirely. He didn’t appreciate Officer Arnie asking to speak with the drug dealer of the house, and subsequently placed my number on the do not call list.

Give them hell.

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Hey, so got some more info

I managed to waste about 1 hour 15mins of their time, I got two direct numbers which I may provide soon if I can verify them. But now for some info:

I got thru most stages, until the Card payment, where I gave them a random card number, and they were fine with it, and then when I hung up, the “Trolls Department” called me and asked, I said no, and ofc, told them I am genuine and swear by my word. They listened lmao.


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