Phishing Scam

My business website has a customer contact form for interested customers to contact me with their projects. For over a year I’ve been getting spammed by someone spamming their so-called company ( However, it’s a scam.
Besides the bad etiquette of using a business’ Customer form to push your own business, they fill out the form with a bogus contact info ex. phone number (555) 555-1212 and an everchanging generic gmail account (latest iteration [email protected]). “Eric Jones” is always used but the other characters/modifiers change periodically. I’ve tried contacting Eric Jones using a burner email account and they’re always undeliverable. The domain “” has no way to contact them other than using the web widget they’re promoting.
The website has conned some legitimate businesses into installing their widget which they publicize on their home page. I suspect the widget does more than just connect the business with the customer (like siphon off names and contact info of those who use it).
Another company called actually has a phone number and promotes an identical looking widget. I called and inquired about TalkWithCustomer. They said it is indeed one of their affiliates.

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