Tag Suggestion: Suggestions for the the site

So if anyone want’s to suggest anything there should be a tag for it.

Wow I actually got a tag in the website! Thank you for it I think it will be useful in the future. Quick question while you’re here. How do you become verified? because tons of people are on this site. Thanks!

Err… we already had a suggestions tag?

@thunder#60854 lol where

@Markiemm#61085 hallo mark dit you get my email I tri to send you a email I wood like to post skamers phone hear so skambaters kan call skamers how doo I put tags in my post wen I go to tags it don’t work from the keybord for me from the keybord let me no how I kan give you skamer phone so you kan post to bob rtc phonebook for me plees let me no if you kan help I am blind and kan not se