T-Mobile to start fining scammers next year

SOURCE: https://api.support.vonage.com/hc/en-us/articles/11779934925084-10DLC-T-Mobile-Traffic-Violation-Fines-Jan-1st-2024-#:~:text=T-Mobile%20just%20notified%20Vonage,applied%20from%20January%201st%2C%202024.

Beginning January 1st, 2024, T-Mobile will introduce a series of non-compliance fines to help curb scam calls and spam texts from business lines. The fines are assessed for every violation per the following tier system:

  • TIER 1 - $2,000: Phishing, Smishing and Social Engineering (claiming to be legitimate companies in order to access personal info)
  • TIER 2 - $1,000: Any illegal content, such as spam, fraudulent/misleading messages, threats of violence, inappropriate content, hate speech and endorsement of illegal drugs.
  • TIER 3 - $500: All other violations of T-Mobile’s Code of Conduct, such as age gating.

This also applies to T-Mobile numbers carried by other providers, such as TextNow and Vonage. Personal accounts are not affected by these new rules.


And the extra wait is because? Just start implementing it now.

If anything, something like this should have been done a lot sooner. Oh well, at least T-Mobile is finally taking some sort of action now.


better late then never


Now the other carriers need to follow suit.


In order to pay the fines, the scammers will have to put it on a Target gift card. :slight_smile:


Perhaps, an American Express Gift Card from Walmart! :grin:


Or they’ll ask T-Mobile to connect to their secure server


Perhaps, Onvoy, Peerless Network, Telnyx and Level 3/Lumen would soon realize that they were not doing the right thing. They were gravely mistaken and lost by not seeing that laws as well as common human decency actually applied to them. They didn’t need all those immense profits generated from foreign scammers, because the interests of regular American people should have always prevailed over shareholders’ astronomical profits. They would soon feel terrible for the pain and suffering of scam victims, including the elderly and disabled impoverished folks. They would revise their behaviors and implement a robust KYC policy and force scammers off their networks forever and ever.

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