Synergy Finance

Scam Number: 9176948717
Scammer’s Website or Email: None
Additional information about this call: Robocalled my diallers 2 minutes ago

These twits call me just about every day.
They were persistent while my do not disturb was active, they made 29 attempts at calling within 50 seconds.

When the dopey rundi asked me if I was the owner of the business I said I was…my business is smashing scam call centres until they haemorrhage money or close down due to the thousands of simultaneous calls.
But today is your lucky day, I’ll list your number on social media so you can have a lucky dip variety of callers to fuck your pathetic impersonation scam up

She swore at me like a drunken sailor at a beer and rum skolling festival.

I was only being nice with the first words I’ve uttered to them today on just under 340 toll free numbers.

Have fun folks



Yes, “Bella” and I go way back. She is at this Synergy Finance phone number 917 694 8717 currently. Some guys are answerin’ too.

She and I go WAY back! She is not a fresher. She is not a newbie at Synergy Finance. The anger of “Bella” pleases me, and I do not hesitate to inform her that her anger pleases me.