Synergy finance

Scam Number: Synergy finance
Scammer’s Website or Email:
Additional information about this scam: 917-694-3676


Really nasty.


I agree

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Still active, just returned a call I got yesterday from them. Picked up instantly, didn’t even get the annoying music they usually have. Scott seems to be in a good mood today, hopefully we can change that.


Everytime they pick up it costs them money.

I thought I’d post a new Synergy phone number in this existing thread rather than creating a new thread myself.

+1 (917) 694-8717 called my VOIP home phone number today, Monday, 19-SEP-2022, at 3:39 PM Central. It is SYNERGY FINANCE.

Just now, 3:48 PM Central, I just called back +1 (917) 694-8717 and good ol’ Bella answered as Synergy Finance. They seem to be using this +1 (917) 694-8717 number at the moment. Bella and I go WAY BACK. Bella has been around as a scammer. She is not a fresher. She is not a newbie.

Apparently Synergy did not appreciate my $70,000 investment opproutunity for my REALLY REALLY big Bouncehouse company

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Welcome to the community, @jroc42099! Welcome aboard.

Location: Kolkata

(917) 694-9294

'Ol Bella (aka: tranny granny) has been around for a long time! She’s done scams ranging from SSA to car warranties and just about everything in-between.


Yes, she and I have a “hate/hate” relationship! :crazy_face: