Symmetry Financial Group, a TCPA-violating insurance MLM company

Scam Numbers: (302) 364-3379 (MCI Metro), (862) 365-0901 (Commio)
Answers as: “Your US Benefits”
Agent: “John Walker”
Verification Officers: “Dylan/James” and “Darrell”
Call Center Location: Pakistan :pakistan:
Licensed Agent: Ben from Symmetry Financial Group

Scammer sent a fraudulent cold call to my PBX number in regards to my local final expense benefits such as burial, funeral or cremation expenses before transferring me to their “verification officer,” who hung up on me. I called the number back, but their office was closed.


I then got a callback from their Commio line and “James” transferred me to his “verification officer, Darrell” and registered the number for additional robocalls even if my number is on the do-not-call registry. My call was promptly transferred to his “licensed agent,” Ben from the Symmetry Financial Group, a BBB-accredited fraudulent insurance broker that operates from 204 Whitson Avenue Suite 2C, Swannanoa, North Carolina, 28778.

User complaints on their Google, BBB and TrustPilot listings indicate patterns of fraudulent activity, such as:

  • Cussing people out when they refused to purchase their products.
  • Sending soliciting robocalls falsely claiming the recipients inquired about help and refusing to place the recipients on an internal do-not-call list.
  • Repeatedly sending postcard solicitations for their mortgage insurance plans.
  • Repeatedly sending soliciting robocalls with spoofed numbers despite prior cease-and-desists.
  • Sending soliciting robocalls, text messages and emails to recruit potential employees.
  • Fraudulently opening insurance policies without prior consent from their customers.
  • Operating as a fraudulent multi-level-marketing agency that re-sells leads to fraudulent buyers.
  • Using derogatory language against women and individuals who are deaf or hard-of-hearing.
  • Selling fake leads based on fraudulent “urgent” postcards about the recipients’ mortgage.

The company was sued for violating the Telephone Consumer Protection Act after the plaintiff, Ruben J. Escano of New Mexico, received 19 unsolicited cold calls while his number was on the do-not-call registry, with 12 coming from fictitious entities such as “Senior Solutions” or “Senior Health Advisors” and some of the calls being made from spoofed similar numbers in violation of the Truth in Caller ID Act. The case also revealed that the company was hired by the Mutual of Omaha Insurance Company to act as agents of their company to potential customers in exchange for paid sales commissions.

The company was also sued for violations of the Telephone Consumer Protection Act in the states of Arizona and Florida.

Associated Facebook Account - Symmetry Financial Group | Swannanoa NC

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Associated Phone Numbers:

  • (877) 285-5402 (Inteliquent)
  • (828) 581-0475 (Onvoy via Level 3 Communications)
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The scammers have attempted to call back from a spoofed similar number that has since been taken out of service.

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