Swiss Europol scam

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Email title: CONVOCATION


Dear Sir.

We are taking legal action against you shortly after a computer seizure by cyber infiltration for: child pornography, pedophilia, cyber pornography and exhibitionism.
For your information, the legislator has declared that in cases where the crimes and misdemeanors provided for in the Criminal Code are committed with the help of a telecommunications network, the criminal penalties provided for will be increased.
After completing the investigation, we concluded that you committed these offenses, namely, possession, viewing, transmission and retrieval of images and videos with exhibitionist or child pornography content via the Internet in the context of conversations with minors.
During the investigation, we also observed that erotic messages and scenes of exhibitionism and masturbation were practiced through webcam sessions and instant chats.
Exposing obscene content to the gaze of minors in this way constitutes a crime of sexual exhibition, child pornography, pedophilia, and cyberpornography, which are severely punished by law.
Many of the items recorded by Cyberinfiltration constitute substantial evidence of your crimes.
Please email us your justifications so that we can review and verify them within 48 hours. After this period, we will be forced to send our report to the court in your region to issue a warrant for your arrest.
You will then be entered into the National Sex Offender Registry. In this situation, your file will also be forwarded to associations combating pedophilia and to the media.

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    Email: [email protected]