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Created 2020, whois information hidden. Looks pretty shady.

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From what I gather from simple observations:

Reviews are definitely fake. A good chunk on the first page are 5 star reviews from people that either have only a single review, or every other review is also a 5 star for other sites that either 1) have a sizable 1 star review count, 2) seems like a really really generic name like “serviceontheweb,” “myuser,” etc., and 3) site no longer works (serviceontheweb, for example). The reviews on their site directly aren’t even on Trustpilot as well.

I don’t trust the address they give, as when you go to the place on Google Maps and look at the listed directory, you don’t find them listed at all. I would also wager they bought followers and likes on their Facebook page, as the interaction they get per post is honestly pathetic.

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BrandPush seems legit to me, found it on Google. They use Stripe/PayPal for payments. However, kinda sus as it isn’t that popular.