Suspicious Radio Station Call

This is the second call In the past two months from a radio station contest (which I have never entered any of the sorts) that has called. The second call seemed that it was the same as the first with a completely different phone number.

The machine asked me 3 very simple music related questions. I answered them all correctly and won a cruise but I needed to pay port taxes and the very fishy stuff that cruise scams ask for. They wanted me to go to their website to contact them and such.

Phone Number: +1 (224) 424-1080


email: [email protected]

I am 90% sure this is a scam. I did some looking around online and most of the things I've found about them indicate that they are a scam.

P.S. As I mentioned in the top, I've never given my phone number to any radio station.

Very few followers on Twitter that hasn’t updated since 2015. Probably is a scam

Their site is hosted by internet cz. Odd for a cruise company…

@ZiggyKhan#9805 Maybe, but there is also a page where users can enter their phone number, it is possible that they are just using this site to collect phone numbers that are later sold to scammers.