Suspicious iMessage message link

[email protected] tried sending me a link to a website, obviously since I don’t know them, I don’t click on the link but this didn’t happen just once, every week I get a message with a link with a different gmail account.

@cgtoad625#175572 Thanks! on this now! :slight_smile: be sure to post the new email addresses too.

that link was likely either a phishing link or a virus. hope you didn’t click it.

@rinxlen#175601 yeah, I didn’t. It just felt off because instead of a regular message with words, their first message to me was a link. So I got the feeling that it is a website trying to steal my data or something.

@cgtoad625#175606 might want to use Whois or to check if a site is malicious before going to it. if it is, report it using Report Phishing, Malware and Suspicious URLs. Hope this helps! :slight_smile:

what’s the link? I can upload it to to see what it does

@cgtoad625#175572 dm me the link on twitter my Twitter is @TechySpeaks