Suspicious email floods


I wanted to post some emails I am being flooded with. They are unwanted emails that I cant stop. I have called a few businesses listed on some of the emails and they claim they arnt doing it, such as the locations where your suppose to write to to make them stop typically in the states and most are legal or fake digital marketing or tech support companies. I asked microsoft outlook support to get them to stop by filtering them out and they didnt fix it.

I feel that a lot of these emails relate to things like account freezes or threats or refunds and rewards/compensations, I also frequently receive calls making false torts, threats, and scams such as the microsoft frozen browser, netflix, paypal and more, they also text me these threats and scams as well sometimes demanding I pay them and give them money to unlock these accounts such as when I did get infected with ransomware one time, someone called and said they were service canada and I had to pay them in bitcoins to unblock the frozen computers by the ransomware, while others around me were paying ransoms..

I feel that these are crimes against me that cant be stopped. So I like posting things I receive. I feel there all connected to same criminals and that they also call and text about these daily which I think is a crime.

I dont really know how to make them stop emailing, texting, calling me but I want them to not do those things. Atleast if I can get them to stop flooding my emails that would be good, I cant really recreate my email as its tied to too many things like my bank or paypal, amazon etc... Because of these emails I miss a lot of important emails for various things.

I also dont like them because frequently the first cyber attack is phishing, so I am afraid, that they could access my computer or download malware or ransomware to my computer, or my phone at some point as it seems unavoidable with that many emails.

some of them also claim sometimes to be IMF, FBI, servica canada, rcmp and others demanding money and such for various things. There is 1 attached that is from the IMF.

typically the government states that the calls are out of country so they dont look into any of them, and that your responsible to protect your own identity, and the security of your business or computer.