Support scammer!


This may be a dup...

Destroyed 1 VM, multipal attempts at SYSKEY.
They are so stupid please spam them. Sam is funny he was crying saying he lost his Iphone!!!!!!
I am going to call back and say I am from Apple...just do me one thing!!! 100% Scam

Thunder. thank you for the quick response on my emails about my old account you are the man!!


Have fun guys still Syskey on wideo!!!!!🥓🥓🥓🥓?????

Poor attempts at cd…


tree....lmao...number is currently not working for me?

this dude said he is coming for me lmaoooo

he said he is going to sleep with me

EDIT: this dude really freaked me out.

I have been spamming them from the past hour…pushed it past the fun zone called on three lines all at the same time every time they are pissed spam them more please

Haha, im dying! I connected these guys to my XP VM and the guy said he was going to do a scan on my PC and proceeded to put Syskey in the Run box, but little did he know, i made it so when you put syskey in the run box, it opens BonziBUDDY! He was so confused and asked if i was messing with him. Then he started to use the tree command in the CMD but i changed that CMD as well to the Anti-Scammer Toolkit one lol. He seemed so confused it was hilarious. Great number!

You are welcome!! I could never get much to work on my XP VM…

I think i need to check this number out.

I JUUUUST found out this website existence. Lets the “Indie_game” : Begin!!! >?

@HaydenWhiteYT#2901 That s all they really know what to do, Bullshitting you .

Is it safe to prank call the tech support scam number?

What do you mean by safe?

@Frank4207#2941 Like if it’s not gonna kill my computer / tablet while the phone call is running through Hangouts (because that’s what I use)?

No…but are you going to let them connect remotely to your computer?

@Frank4207#2947 Obviously, no, because I use a Mac and I’ll just prank them by “My PS1 has a blue screen.”

The chances might be for a reply “Throw your PS1 out of the window, and get a new one.” Or, they might try to connect remotely to my PS1 (if the number is voiced by a real person and the person is dumb).

Ok well keep spamming them…you can use a vm on Mac

@EthanclineW#2949 look up virtual box, it is a virtual machine that acts like a real computer but it is a program. and if a scammer messes it up, then you can put it back to its previous state and use it like it was brand new.

officially have a case going with them for there romote client!!! They should shut it down soon…

sent them everything i have gathered over the past week!!!

@Frank4207#2933 Why can’t you get much to work on your XP VM? Mine works fine as if its an actual XP machine. I have a Vista VM as well but it sucks, i can’t download anything onto it because of Vista’s shitty security.

I actually only tried it once…could never get go to assist to work on it. Honestly it’s been so long I forget how to navigate that OS anyways. My win 7 VM does everything I need.