Phone Number: 1-800-356-3904

Owners: Anti-IP Hacking Technician Dr. Lecter, Level 10 Windows Technician Thunder, Rahj from the Billing Department, and Levis.

**How I Know They are a Scam:**
They are located in Canada and you can't trust those darn Canadians. Also they ave .gg TLD which means GG to your computer.

- Rahj
(From The Billing Dept.)

Wow, such scammers!

This is just a joke website for anyone wondering, lol.

What tenacity it must take to scam someone like they do :joy:

Also Jnteamed the malware distributor. Newest release: Jnteamed Login screen ransomware.

Look what they did to my dextop

0/10 cannot recommend

@memes#6987 What savages they must be…

Lewis’s forehead doesn’t stop growing…

We need somebody to take that photo and see how far they can stretch his head while his identity is still noticable. @1337mathster#7011


He looks like a tic tac @memes#7066