Support For MS Office



  • 1-800-204-4427
  • 1 (800) 220-1032 (provided by Ogr4)

Scammer ran fake sys key also the scammer was opening camera so I ended the session lmao (he must of been horny as I acted like a lady with a husband and a kid because I sound like one to most scammers)

He told me to F off at the end
Better than yesterday or the day before when a scammer told me he had my info and crap...

Not a pop-up

I found the site on bing (edge's default crap)

Enjoy this crap!


The site has a USA Toll-Free Number, AU and UK number.

Found there linked in accidentally by putting the number on a new tab

Has HQ address lmao enjoy

You need to include the phone numbers in your post.


i say “hello” and they blow into the microphone. 10/10 quality service

This number isn’t working anymore.

They've got another one on their website: 1 (800) 220-1032
Tested with FireRTC.

They are Indian (of course) and it took around 2 minutes until I got transferred to the "technician"