Suggestions for VPN and Antivirus

I am currently using the free version of Windscribe and love it but it doesnt come with antivirus - so was wondering if anyone had any suggestions for VPN and Antivirus together free or paid, or free anitvirus and i will pay for windscribe, thanks.

Open to suggestions

Windscribe is not an antivirus company and doesn’t come antivirus, no VPN provider will.

Avira. I use Avira Phantom VPN and they also offer antivirus protection.

Thanks for your reply Yes i am aware of this, but wanted a better antivirus then i currently have (obvs not Windscribe) so wanted to get the two together. Either i switch to a different VPN with an antivirus or i keep windscribe and just find a random antivirus separate.

But was looking for suggestions from people. I know Windscribe is only a VPN.

@DrFunfrock thank you very much I will check it out!