Suggestions for BobRTC

I had a BobRTC account back when we connected through Discord. Now, I can’t make an account through BaitArmy, but I made a list of suggestions about a year ago for BobRTC. Maybe these suggestions are outdated, but I hope this can help!

  1. Show which bots are activated. Allow enabling or disabling auto-respawn bots whenever during a call.
    a. Add more bots! Especially AI bots that record what the person’s saying, performs speech-to-text, then tries to respond accordingly.
  2. Show when autodial is turned on or off. Allow toggling this whenever during a call.
  3. Glitch: Using the “7 Karen” bot when on hold automatically changes into the “0 Yes Bot” and cancels the Karen bot.
  4. Option: Change caller ID for every single subsequent call during Autodial. (prevents “soft-blocks” where they just forward the number to a never-ending loop of hold music  “goodbye”  hangup  redialing  Auto-DTMF  hold music  “goodbye” etc. (This is what (833) 661-7666 Chawla Technical support scam does)
  5. Option: start calling a number with autodial by default instead of just a single call.
  6. Allow users to flag/tag what type of DTMF system it is and log what the menu choices are (this will change the behavior of how the Auto-DTMF will press numbers to bypass their system:
    a. Traditional menu (for __, press 1. To talk to __ press 2.)
    b. (1 random number) For security reasons, please press (random number) now.
    i. (2 or more random numbers) For security reasons, please press (?#) (?#) now.
    c. Voicemail (to leave a message, press 1. To save message, press 2. To talk to an operator, press * now.)
    d. Confirm the number you’re calling from (Please enter the last _ digits of your phone now. (833)808-0051 ADVSoft Scam does this)
  7. Have the Auto-DTMF detect which numbers to press if it is one of those “please press (random number) (random number)”
  8. Option: Auto-DTMF change delay between numbers using a slider or textbox.