Maybe make a flag and an emblem for our cause. I know this may sound silly, but maybe having something that represents who we are might catch more eyes. Feel free to discuss your thoughts.

Edit: Also draw a picture on the computer and upload it here if you agree with the suggestion

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I fw the idea

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I think that would be a fantastic way to catch the eye of people! The more scambaiters the better! I really like the idea, but the design of the flag will have to be something everyone votes on somehow, whether a poll or whatever.

Regards ~ham is better than a scam

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Also uhhh kind of random, but how long do I have to wait to not have to get moderated everytime I put in like a callback num lol?

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@hamisbetterthanascam depends, once we’ve seen you’re posting good content consistently, then we’ll allow you to post without waiting for a mod

just got it!

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Thanks for all the responses!

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Feel free to discuss your thoughts about this. You can use MS Paint to show what kind of flag should represent us and you can upload it here.

Here’s my idea

Put a picture of an Indian with a headset in the middle of that flag and I think that’d be awesome!