Student Loan Support Scam

513 257 0114

When you get the automated prompt, hit 1, then 1, then 2, then 1

Been messing with these guys for a while. As far as I can tell, there’s three of them:

Amelia - appears to be the fearless leader. Very easy to aggravate, one of the first people I talked to and tried to get answers from about who their company is. Apparently asking for their website was highly offensive. Now she hates me.

Scott - Scott’s fun. He alleges that he sacrifices kittens in satanic rituals on the weekends, and his girlfriend is a criminal. Ask him about his beard!

James - you’ll know it’s James if he doesn’t give his name when you call. He’s more calm than Scott but really can get into philosophy if you pick his brain enough

There may be others but I’ve only talked to them once. These three are the main group though, and boy is it funny to get them mad. Have fun!

They must have cooled the number or they saw your post and hung it up. Awesome to have another person fighting against the student loan scammers!

My running joke :
“Remember to protect your hard earned nonexistent federal student loans at all times!”

@Scamtheman86#175907 I just posted the wrong number!! My apologies!! It’s 513 257 0144. Let me know if that one works!

But I’m glad that my wrong number didn’t lead to an innocent person being scammed.

@76561198171715698#175909 Also you can just hit “1,1,2,1” and not have to listen to the whole virtual assistant (may it rot in hell).