Student Loan Scammers

Scammer’s Number: (206) 690-3477

Terrible people, trying to cash in on the covid crisis. They left a message on my phone about refunding student loans because of the current crisis. I called back and spoke to a very rude scammer who was quite abrupt with me. He hung up on me within thirty seconds. I called back and they won’t speak to me any longer than ten seconds at a time. I’m now spamming them with calls because I am bored.

I think these guys may actually be American judging by their accents. If not then I must say that they all do an American accent very well.

Edit: I did speak for over a minute with a man with a very slight Indian accent. I asked why so many of their representatives have hung up on me. I also asked him for a website and he directed me to a government website. I googled their number and nothing popped up, but I lied and told him that the number had popped up as a scam number on google. He said that it’s because there are people like me who mistrust them, this was also his explanation as to why so many of their representatives kept hanging up on me without even saying “hi” back, he said that they can tell when someone like me is going to waste their time. :rofl: :laughing:

the number doesn’t work for me and i’m in the uk