Student loan forgiveness scam(?) | (262) 259-7999

Scam Number: +1 (262) 259-7999
Domain Used: n/a
Extra Info: I tried looking into this one (the callback mentioned in the voicemail itself, the first one) as much as I could but hit a roadblock. Received a voicemail (attached) stating that the number that received it qualified for student loan forgiveness, which, is sort of impossible since the phone is only used for work and has been so for multiple years at this point without changing the number, and that “I” need to call them back at the above number to complete the paperwork for it. According to “numlookup” they seem to think it’s a landline serviced by Commio, LLC, Whitepages thinks it’s a fixed VOIP but I couldn’t get much else out of them, “anywho” says that it’s a number serviced by tw telecom (considering the area code, Time Warner?) and is a landline. I couldn’t find any information online on the number itself to see if it was legitimate or not. I didn’t find this on the site either and for all intents and purposes, it appears active.
The number it came from, appears to be a landline in Watertown, WI and spoofed so I won’t post that here.