Student Loan Forgiveness Center Scam

Today I was left a voicemail under suspicious circumstances from a No Caller ID phone (only as I can assume to bypass phone spam filters). Super flaky and seem like pros! Some reps have full American accents trained. I’m not really even sure how the scam works because it’s hard for me to get to the second steps. Find out some stuff about these people.

Scam Number: 1-877-211-4367
Domain Used:
Extra Info: They are extremely fast to hang up if they detect anything fishy. Make sure to have the amount of debt you have in student loans, email and your date of birth handy.

Voicemail Transcription (In American English accent): “Hello this is Jenny from the student loan forgiveness center as you may know the forgiveness periods end soon. the reason I am calling is because your student loan is eligible for forgiveness program. We do need to have authorization to complete the process. Once that’s done you’ll be all set. Please call our office at 877-211-4367. Again, that number is 877-211-4367. Thank you and talk to you soon.”

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