Street smarts but no logic

Called the manager and he gave me the number of his office,and he denied being a scammer even after I called him out on it,so I wasted a chunk of his time and just a little bit ago I called the number he gave me and low and behold another refund scam.So I talked to the guy and messed with him for a little bit and told em about how I talked to his manger,and he kept saying the line was breaking up so I started saying “yeah bosteilki motherchod you understand that”.He said “are you a son of bich or a motherfucker?”, So relpied with “well my mommas no bich,so you ain’t ashamed your scamming people,and who taugh you how to speak like that?”. “Click”

Also I can’t remember the mangers number but he said they were in San Diego California but the number he gave me is from new york

+1 (607) 988-1332

@darktroll87#97311 Funny the Indian scammer picked up the phone at 1:50AM Eastern time.

He says his name is Alan Marshall.

Still active

@drwat#97312 I think that was the ghy I was taking to but who knows,those muthachods are always changing their names.

he doesnt pick up anymore

@ADAMRZIEMKOWSKIAAYDEE#97971 didn’t when I called him either

call rejected me lololol

That’s an Upstate NY number, Binghamton/Southern tier area.

Dead number :frowning: