Strategy for phone scammers

Hey all,

I've been thinking about the best way to deal with scammers lately, and need some technical help.

The problem: baiting them is inefficent, and wastes a lot of time without noticeable results.

Possible solutions:
1) Find some way to infect their device, and really f. up their system. If anyone has a good strategy for this, lmk.
2) Some way to spam their number: I've been posting free bikes with their number on craigslist.
3) Report their number to their provider.

Does anyone else have some effective ways?

@princealfasi#21937 They aren’t that stupid ,einstein

@princealfasi#21937 up their computer with a rat. (remote access trojan)

@PureAlpha#21941 Naaa, what a waste. A long-term stealth RAT that they won’t know about, and use the information gained to do something and keep track of their operations.

@katab#21944 Any good tutorials for this?

@Scammersworstnighmare#21939 Depends, today alone I ran into someone that immediatly realized i was messing with them, but theres a guy who was dumb as bricks who told me to press Windows and R after I told him i was on a mac, then i got one of those windows 7 tab emulators and did the RC thingy and he somehow thought i had a mac even though he disregarded the first time i told him i was on a mac.

@memethan#21948 add me on skype dude

You can just prank call them, maybe put some weird stuff on the VM too, and I mean some really bizarre stuff also some weird .exe games or scare viruses, you can also change the original programs they use (ex. cmd, notepad) by some .exe virus like memz or petya. If you manage to RAT then do whatever you want on their computer, maybe at the end delete system32 (be aware that some scammers also use the computer for personal uses like facebook or other social medias), maybe make them watch something they don’t want to or uploading a virus pack and downloading it from their computer, you can do a lot of things, even you can try to flirt with them with a weird voice…

@Scammersworstnighmare#21957 dont have skype :confused: twitter?

@Davuun#21995 Call flood? Do you mean just call them repeatedly?

@princealfasi#22026 yep

I suggest trying to track their IP’s. Their reaction to you telling them is priceless.

Do they even know their own IP? I think not really…