Strange 419 Scam

I received an email from [email protected] with a generic proposal like most 419 scams have but they also uploaded a picture of “their” passport. After doing a bit of research I found the real Teresa Stang on Facebook and messaged her asking if she knew anything about it and she said she was the victim of a romance scam and they used her personal info for these scams. Below is the scam email I got.

"Dear, I appreciate your interest and will for my health. Since you are interested in carrying my last will, I will proceed to let you know what to do without any hesitation. Let me enlighten you on what I want you to help me with. From all indication, my condition has deteriorated and it is quite obvious according to my doctors that I may not live for the next couple of weeks, because my condition has got to a critical and life threatening stage this is why I want you to handle the "funds" to reach the less privileged, orphanages, single moms and widows in our society.

I was married to my late husband Michael Stang, he was an Engineer and we were together for twenty-two years before his death ten years ago. Tragically he died on February 10th 2007 in an Auto accident along side our only Son ( Benjamin ) while they where traveling to meet me on my birthday. Benjamin was only 6 at that time, I'll never forget that day as I felt emptiness and thought the world has come to an end but I was strong enough to hold on it, with the Help of my Pastor I was able to live again.

I am a fervent Believer and a God fearing woman just like my late husband. Mike and I lived in the Republic of Kenya for over 3 years, he was a petrochemical Consultant by profession worked and rose through the ranks to become an executive director with a multinational construction and oil servicing conglomerate before his demise. He also established huge private investments that I continued managing until my present medical condition. When my cancer ailment became terminal & because I do not have a next of kin to bequeath all that Mike & I labored for, I sold off all our choice properties and other inherited belongings and deposited the proceeds amounting to $4 Million Dollars with a Bank.

I crave your indulgence as a God fearing individual and as someone who cares for a better world as much as I do, to take it upon yourself and use this money for these mentioned purposes, it is my wish that you use 30% of the total funds for yourself and family making sure the you use the balance for charity as promised. I took this painstaking decision in other to help humanity in my little capacity before I rest in peace in the bosom of the almighty.

I know that my ordeal will sadden your heart but the best you can do for me now is to keep this conversation highly confidential between us because it matters most in my life at this moment and I will never want the wrong people knowing about this inheritance or my late husband's brother Bartholomew . What matters is life after death. I will let you have more information as soon as i have your word and promise not to betray my trust in you.

May you be blessed, as you reach me.


Remain Blessed,
Teresa Stang"

Can I see the attachment?


Her face lol

@Flinty94#7132 just recieved same email with same story

@Flame#7150 don’t know how to attach from google

@Flame#7150 isaw

@Flame#7272 she is still trying

@Izanderdiaz8#81124 How?

I wish I got these emails. My spam is filled with college mail.

Guess what I just receive one of those emails. I’m gonna trick “her” and let see if “she” falls for it