Stolen Xbox One Console

My friend Donald’s friend is refusing to pay for an Xbox One Console. One day before he got out of work, he took the xbox to his house without paying a portion. Then proceeded to split up with Donald’s girlfriend’s sister that he was in a relationship with, and he’s refusing to pay and never came back with it.

His name is Justin Sawyer

His facebook page is

Just wondering what can be done to help solve this?? Thanks a lot! Any help would be appreciated ?

Report it to the local police in your area.


@thunder#2318 @JoeFred1997# Donald doesn’t have proof of purhase because he bought it off a friend. He also doesn’t have the serial number to the xbox his account is still on it, with his credit card but he also made an account with his credit card


@thunder#2318 did you see my response??

This is not the site to be telling this on. I recommend getting some friends together and stealing the xbox back. There’s no shame in stealing back what is yours.

And beat him up? Honestly

He looks like a giant wigger, he looks like the monkey from night at the museum loool!!! That “scared” smile in every picture.

if you can get him to click a link i can DOS him until he gives it back??

Call microsoft support if you have the main account they can lock him out?