Still up please call 201-719-1399 nonstop

201-719-1399 – YES They are still up since yesterday. PLEASE CALL! He was a real creepus. I called 25 times on different scammer numbers then with their own number until they would not answer. It makes them Soooooooo mad!

@JusticeinTexas#28753 Getting “Call Rejected” now on FireRTC and landline. I’ll try back in a little while as sometimes they come back online after a slight block break!

@6flagsray#28757 I warned him yesterday! I said Wait till tomorrow till all my friends start calling you and they are not as nice as I am!

@JusticeinTexas#28760 Just called them again and they are back online, so have at it! :slight_smile:

@6flagsray#28761 Down again. I think we are giving them a bad day. Boo hoo.

@JusticeinTexas#28762 Yeah, such a shame. :slight_smile: I see they are picking up now and then just hanging up. Wimps!

OK- called on a land line and they answered. I asked if this was really the IRS and he said "Yes. How may I help you?" Then he said that my "phone sounded like sh!t" and hung up.

@6flagsray#28763 Wow, that was fast!!

@SeventhCube2832#28771 I wonder if the woman he talked with earlier was JusticeInTexas? I couldn’t listen to the whole thing, but the beginning was rather interesting to say the least. “You’re a scammer” “No, YOU’RE a scammer”. :slight_smile:

@SeventhCube2832#28771 Help me out here. I get the recording I make on my email on my Chromebook but I dont know how to attach it here. I am doing something wrong! Duh! I Click on attach and then I can’t get it.

@6flagsray#28775 Yup that is me. My favorite line. You called the wrong number No you did no you did no you did and on an on. Haha!

@SeventhCube2832#28790 Okk Okk Okk Now I really feel StUpID!!! I knew that! But duh I always try to make things more complicated than they are. You are a gentleman as always. Thank you!

@SeventhCube2832#28795 By the way, you have a really nice voice.

@6flagsray#28757 Cant get ahold of them again either.