Steam Scam

Gotten a message on Discord by a person with the username and tag (MoneyDlLuffy

#6406), his account was created earlier today at 29 Mar 2021 04:12:17 UTC, who claimed that he has ‘accidentally reported my account for fraud’. He then told me to add a ‘Steam Support representative’ with the username and ID (ChrisC#7875) whose account was created on 18 Mar 2021 18:48:41 UTC in order to prevent my Steam account from being suspended.

MoneyDlLuffy kept dodging my question when I asked for messages of the scam, that's why I found out...

ChrisC has been around since 2019, I believe, based on some reddit threads talking about this scam. He quickly removed me from his friends list to prevent me from spamming him after I 'casually' asked him about the scam.

These are the photos of the initial conversation with MoneyDlLuffy and ChrisC:

This is the photo of ChrisC's discord account sent to me by MoneyDlLuffy: