Steam scam

So basically they use a 3rd party website to get access to your steam profile (API key) and will then steal your skins. They edit your name, add texts about your profile being restricted. They recommend you to trade your items with someone so you don’t lose them… anndd that’s how they grab em.

the website they use to get access/information:

The scammer himself:

Scammers discord: 535988840800714752 ACHOOO?#9757

The discord server they use:
scammers discord server

Other discord members who call themselves ‘‘BOSS’’:
294757413213569024 Gs_The#5510
881595302375731301 РАМА#6025
307459816551612426 Riji#9732
310439962241794049 Эрик Моралес#1287
620901633978793995 Plugone356#5797