Stealth VM tips using Virtualbox

I’m looking to possibly start in scambaiting more-so with calls and so on. But of course, we all know that we should never use our host systems and to use a VM. I’ve seen some videos in long-form where scammers will try and look for telltale signs of a virtual machine. I’m pretty good with computers, but I’m wanting to know how to set up a stealth VM by changing the specific registry keys when Virtualbox is running a VM to make the VM look legit. If you have Powershell scripts or CMD batch files that help with this, I’m all ears. I have the rest of the software/hardware required to pull off a scambait, just not the specifics on changing the specific registry keys to spoof actual hardware.

There is a video linked on this site, that directs you to a you-tube video on how to do it. Its focused on VMware though it will still work on Virtual-box, The only issue is that your system in ms info() will still say Virtual-box,

Haven't figured out how to get around that one yet. In that respect VMware is better.

Even so, no scammer has spotted my VM yet...

this is great info!

There are some commands in cmd u can use on the host that can change the values of the virtualbox bios to whatever you like in msinfo32