Standards for phone number formatting/digit grouping etc

Hi everyone, just to state the obvious I am not in charge of anything here nor am I trying to tell anyone what to do.

However, I do think it would be easier to search, read and otherwise use this forum if we could agree on a more or less standard format for phone numbers.

I would suggest three things:

First, only ASCII characters. A lot of spam postings for scam numbers elsewhere on the internet that get copied here use non-standard characters, “leet-speak” letters in the place of numbers, and other garbage. This shouldn’t be copied and pasted into the reports here.

Second, a standard format, at least for U.S. 10-digit numbers. I would suggest NNN-NNN-NNNN. That way, numbers can be searched effectively.

Third, put the main number (if there is one) in the subject line of the first post in a topic.

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