SSN Suspended Scam

Got a phone call from +1-240-556-5070 today. Did not answer it because I did not know who it was. Listened to the voicemail later, and it said that my Social Security Number was “suspended,” and that I would need to call a phone number and give them the last 4 digits to reactivate it.

Obviously, this was fake. The funny part was, the voicemail said, "If I do not hear back from you, WE will have to issue a warrant for your arrest."

I did not know he was multiple people at the same time.

Have fun!

Got a call from 210 742 5551, telling me my SSn wqas compromised and Officer Jones asked me to call back that number-- 210-742-5551

Live answer at that number, when i refused to give my name or SS called me a "Motherfucker" Probably not the SSA

lol gave them fake info. In doing so, I did find out that they are checking info. Maybe doing a credit check or a ssn verification. They were able to tell me that the info was not correct and wanted me to repeat the info again. when i gave them the same info they hung up. when I called back the same guy answered and said “Dont call again Moter Fooker” hahaa

i keep calling them calling on 4 lines using google hangouts hahaha

These are Indian scammers. The consequences for a victim can be disastrous as the victim can loose all life savings. Here is the “MO” of this scam:

script: we found 22lb of cocaine and blood residue in a rented car in southern Texas near the border. The car was rented using your social security number. It seems you are a victim of identity theft. we at the “SSA” (fake) will protect your bank account and give you a new SS number. Transfer all your bank account funds to our “SSA safe account”. Else we will arrest you.

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210 742 5551 Odd, I called used a made up name, a DOB is 1945, and used a online SSN generator. He said he is forwarded my info to the FBI, as my name,SSN and DOB wasn’t in his records…