SSA. yesterday 202 239 7966

Scammer’s Number:202 239 7966
Domains Used:?
Extra Info:from yesterday

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HIT UUUUP​:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::joy::joy:HARD everyone officer David Miller … Badge GS 50716 warrant PQL 9898473100

The 202 239 7966 number at 9:40 AM Central, 18-Jun-2021, says that the “Magic Jack number is unavailable.” I will keep tryin’ though!

Damn got 20 min in hung up or call dropped

They use MagicJackc

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@Draco, maybe they have no more “credits” or whatever! It could be that type of setup where they do not pay for the phone number 24/7 but pay only for a certain number of minutes/credits.

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Just rings a few times … No pick up … Changed number…im IN… Answered!! !!

ANSWERING !! calling non stop🤣

Dude answering

It is very easy to hack Magic Jack VM. In this case it is pending payment. I will keep watching