SSA SSN CRA Scam ,please send details to

Hi all , I am so bored ,I am locked down in my home and I badly need entertainment, I have around 10 love scam’s going and i play with a few refunders. but by the time SSA numbers get released here it seems to be shut down

I admit that as I am Australian we are running the wrong time zone for these kids but I am timing it to US times.
We have serious Covid Restrictions here, locked in military roadblocks, Curfews at night , only certain essential industry is allowed to continue. We require work permits to travel to work . Its like world war 3 here , so i need something to take the sidetrack me

I have a textnow phone number i have made just for this info to be sent to me .
Can anyone who knows any live numbers for these kiddies please please PLEASE text me the details
dont stop ..keep them coming i will respond with a text if you like .

Please text me on 315 238 2571 , 315 328 2571
dont be shy now ... the reply numbers will never be used or called back at most i may text reply thank you
but i am sure you all have your own throw away textnow numbers