SSA - Simpleton Script Arsefaces

Scam Number: 8885934245 SSA
Scammer’s Website or Email:
Additional information about this scam: My dialler smashed head first into these idiots very early yesterday morning. The ivr message and menu was a giveaway as this was a known area to me (1000 number block), which had been loaded with other scams a couple of months ago.
They got inundated with many thousands of calls and their system and message bank overloaded.
Within a couple of minutes, instead of hearing this

this was heard instead for the next 2-3 hours

They topped their credit up later in the US afternoon and strangely started to get a lot of calls again they were too scared to answer
I have a feeling they may be back again today for round 2 against much more formidable opponents.
This was a group of about 6 idiots, trying to be the next slumdog millionaires, after getting hold of an SSA script and setting up their call centre in their living room perhaps.
Well yesterday was a total bust for their plans and it cost them a lot of money instead.
Being newbies up against a very much more powerful master of toll free land, had them running for cover and forgetting to take their number down.
Several thousand calls, filling up their voicemail system with not much more than a whole lot of silence was their return for the day.
This is big boys rules now
They’re back all lined up at the starting line, ready to take on an undefeated opponent and many other good contenders in the you’ll get nothing and you’ll like it, 100 metres hurdles event.
I see no victims again in their short future after suffering a sickening blow to the gonads again, without any Medicare insurance, which they could have got from the call centre next door.
On second thoughts, they probably wouldn’t have got any coverage, for absolutely no cost to them after all
Their number is active and ready to receive calls again
Their first call of the day will be me, followed quickly by the second, third and fourth
There are no elderly victims in their future at all, just more credit card debt on their behalf


888-593-4245 Malechode Wednesday 11-23-22 7:31AM EST

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Left voicemail.

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Same. Left VM

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They somehow got inundated with thousands of calls again…damned if I know how it keeps happening to these lowlife pieces of shit
it started to give the insufficient balance to call this destination message

before rolling to a gift card

Oh darn…looks like they got zero victims again
Leaving them online while having a chat to them ensures there to be a succession of victims
Hundreds of them are taken out of action every day in the same manner


Just called 5 secs ago still SSA scam message leave message all agents busy

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they just topped their credit up again
30 seconds ago it was still insufficient balance

using up all their credit again now

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Damn hope they call back tho😄

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I find several active SSA toll free numbers every week, along with several thousand refund and tech support numbers
Nearly all these idiot call centres have multiple toll free inbounds and are child’s play to locate
They just get taken out with no fuss or fanfare

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DM me all SSA numbers then😂i want rhem

I tried to call but they seem to be busy :joy:

Oh yeah, we’re monitoring them
the number is finally down
They worked out that by leaving it active they run out of dollars very quickly :joy::joy:

So how much are they paying pr call they get ??

It is ringing but no one is picking up

It’s substantial when there are thousands of voicemails left of full length which are all silence